A little bit about us...

Starting out as a parody University society, aiming to get discount pizza for all the crew, we are now taking on the London pizza scene by storm with our three Locations. 

Taking inspiration from our iconic tours to the pizza capitals of the world, we don’t let the style of pizza hold us back. We aim to give London a true and authentic pizza experience.

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  Vinegar Yard

Two shacks in the foothills of the shard. Come try our 12″ Neo-Neapolitan Za or grab a sandwich at our brand new  Untitled Sandwich Shop! 

Seven Dials Market

Our huge 22″ New-York style pizza. Grab it by the slice or buy a whole pie if you’re feeling hungry.

National Theatre

Come try our thick anc fluffy Sicilian-style Pies. Lots of sauce, lots of topping and a crispy crust.